10% of all sales go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


Is shipping free?

First class postage is ALWAYS free.  No minimums, no gimmicks.

Where do you ship?

Currently anywhere in the United States that the USPS delivers mail.

Are the letters in color?

Oh yes!  Each custom letter is printed in color with fun fonts, some coordinating graphics that complement the contents, and are sent in a brightly colored envelope (which are coordinated when appropriate- for instance Santa/Elf letters come in a red envelope) decorated with stickers.

I'd like to send a letter to an adult, is that OK?

Absolutely; Kidz of all ages appreciate getting fun mail, there is no age limit for recipients.

I'd like to send a letter from a kid, is that OK?

An adult (18+) has to place the actual order, but the letter can be written as being from a child in the signature.

What if I want a letter type that doesn't fit into any of your letter categories?

Please contact kudos4kidz@gmail.com for additional customization, we appreciate the opportunity to develop something that fits your needs.